Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun with PS Elements

Well, I am finding that is not nearly as easy as I thought to get actions for Elements, especially if you have it on a Mac.  Although, Elements for Mac does have a lot more to offer in itself that Elements for a PC.  However, I did find a website that has several actions, EXTREMELY reasonably priced.  So, I got a few to try out. 
 The first picture, colorcast in blue, is the original taken at dusk on Halloween.  
The second picture, I added two actions two.  The first is a vintage look.
Then, I added a color-pop over it.  I am quite happy with the result.  I think it is really pretty and gives a "fairy tale" feel . . . like all true fairy princesses should have, right?
The last is just a basic black/white color conversion that came with PSE 6.  
Although it is frustrating to learn the digital "developing", I know it will be worth it.  

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