Sunday, June 28, 2009

i {heart} faces . . . . Wedding Bells

Is there anything more innocent than a little girl celebrating a marriage . . . and dreaming!

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Have a blessed week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Capture - SUMMER!

Summer: we love it, we wait for it, we enjoy it!
When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to my mind is the . . .

P O O L!

Splashing . . . .

Jumping . . .

And occasionally having to "sit out" because you were mean to your mama!
Look at those sweet eyes? How could they ever be down-right mean?
Believe me, it took me by surprise too! I think that we've had a heart-change though.

Happy Summer!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I {heart} faces . . . . For the Boys!

The theme this week at I {heart} faces is "Let's Hear it For the Boys."  Our boys are ALL BOY, so much so that I couldn't get a picture of them together because they were being way too crazy!

 So here is one of our little guys who LOVES sports of just about any kind with one of his favorite balls.  

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Monday, June 15, 2009

I {heart} faces . . . . sepia tone

I rarely ever get to post picture of an adult, but I had a rare occasion yesterday when my husband actually allowed me to take his picture, even though I know that he wasn't too excited about it.  
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The Missing Triplet!

A few weeks ago, I got to take pictures of two little girls who are identical twins.  However, they also have a brother who make them all triplets.  Here is the boy who was MIA last time.  He is quite handsome and I hope that their momma is happy with the results.  Yes, just for the record, getting three three-year-olds to all look right at me at once, is not an easy task and I have A LOT of room for improvement.  But, with cute little faces, it does make it a little easier for me to do my job.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i {heart} faces . . . . sepia tone

This week at i {heart} faces, the theme is sepia tone.  I love this vintage-looking hat on our little Sunshine and thought it would look great with the vintage look of sepia.  I also just learned how to add a texture; I've been a slow learner on editing, so I get really excited when I learn something new. :)  
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Capture - Nature

I love hydrangeas!  To me, they are like big pillows of lusciousness!  If I could, I would just scoop them up and hug them!  I have planted hydrangea bushes in the yard of every house we have had (except one that we were only in for 8 months and not during planting season).  Unfortunately, we have moved so frequently that I have never had the opportunity to see the bushes mature and overflow with these glorious blooms.  I planted these bushes three springs ago and am so excited because each bush has about six - ten blooms each!  Some of the blooms are still little, but some are just exploding with clusters.  I snapped these this morning right after a thunderstorm came through.  When we got these they were white, but you can see that blue is now beginning to peek through in their color.  

I hope that you have a great day and treasure the gifts God has given us that are all around in nature just waiting to be opened and discovered.

Romans 1:20
"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature -  have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made [creation] so that men are without excuse."

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Purses

Looking for a great gift for a little girl or yourself?  Check out these hand-made purses below, they are a great deal!  All prices include shipping!

These are 4 3/4" x 8 1/2" (not including handle) handle is approximately 3" long
$10 each

7 1/3" x 9 1/2" (not including handle) 
handle is about 4 1/2" long
6 1/2" x 10 1/2" (not including handle)
handle is about 4 1/2" long

8 1/4" x 9 1/2" (not including handle)
handle is about 2 1/2" long.

Larger purses are $17.50

Remember all prices include all shipping!

Let me know what you think :) 

Camera Straps!

Tired of your ordinary camera strip splashed with a company name?  Well, dress your camera strap up!  Just slide this over your camera strap and voila, a beautiful, fully lined new strap to match your personality, mood or occasion! 
Here is what is going on, I am on a quest, that is right, a quest.  There is a new lens that I want for my camera and it is rather pricey.  My wonderful husband says that I have to raise twice the funds in order to get it.  I am not a profession photography, so it has been a very slow process.  I made a few of these for myself and thought that there might be others out there who would like one.  So, for just $12.50 each, I'll send you one.  Want more than one?  If you order 2 or more they are just $10 each!  All this includes shipping, yeah!  100% of all proceeds goes to my lens fund! ;)  ENJOY!
Is there a color or patter you would like, but do not see?  Let me know and I'd love see what I could do.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Story . . . i heart faces

We've all heard the saying, "If you can make your avocation, your vocation, you'll never work another day in your life?"  Well, for now, this is true for me.  I have had a vacation from the corporate world going on 8 years now, and I love it.  

Here is the definition:
vacation |vāˈkā sh ən; və-|
1 an extended period of recreation.
2 the action of leaving something one previously occupied.

SO, for ME, my current vocation is actually a vacation!  I love it an wouldn't change it for the world.  The pictures from this one morning is one reason why.  So, without any further ado (please forgive the quality of them as well as they are all SOOC). . . .

This is a TRUE story of Bear Bunny, none of this is stages; what you are about to see is real-life in action. Yes, we are well aware that technically this animal is a bunny bear, BUT, try telling that to a three-year-old. So, his name is Bear Bunny. Sunshine LOVES her bear bunny. She had a little bengal tiger who was her little lovey, but he has been missing for many weeks (we are still offering this up to our Lord in prayer knowing that He will provide, if she really, truly NEEDS it). So now her little bear bunny has become her little buddy and she has been taking everywhere. AND, she is certain to not loose him. Here is a little pictorial of an afternoon they recently shared together.

"Hey, Mom, check out Bear Bunny and me; he's SO CUTE!"


"Oh, no, Bear Bunny, I'll save you!"

"No, don't go anywhere, I'll keep my eyes on you!"

"Really, I will!"

"Well, I do have to look where I'm going, so maybe I'll take them off of you for just a minute."

"Hey, Mom, check us out," (again).

"Oh, Bear Bunny, I LOVE you!"

"You are my buddy and I just love being with you."

"Everywhere I go! So, HOLD ON!"

"Let's go out on the open road together."

"Ooops!" (do you see that little speck in the middle of the street to the right of the car?)

Even Socrates is thinking this is becoming quite ridiculous.

"Whoosh, that was close, saved you again," with an assist from Socrates.

Socrates is just riding along minding his own business.

Check out his rad moves (with no training wheels!)

"Oh, Bear Bunny, I'll save you!"

"Here I come!"

"Here I am!"

"Are you okay?"

"I love you . . . .

. . . . so much!"

"I'm not going to let you fall again, even if I have to hold on with my teeth!"

But she did drop him.
This is when Socrates steps in again with the assist and HE'S not going to let him get away.

But, he does.

So, who ends up with Bear Bunny and really takes care of him? Yes, Mom! Bear Bunny needs to stay inside. At least they both realized that Bear Bunny needed a little more protecting outside then they could provide. . . . recognizing limitations is a good thing; for some of us, it just takes a little longer.

Have a blessed day!

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