Friday, April 17, 2009

Pillow Case Dress?

Hmmm. . . well, I have been looking at pillow case dresses for a long time now.  But, have never found a great pillow case.  I as at Pottery Barn on Wednesday night and saw this pillow case and thought it might be time to go for it.  HOWEVER, it was not until I got home that I realized it was actually a pillow SHAM!  Obviously, there is a big difference between the two.   So, with my VERY basic sewing skills, I made the pillow sham into a pillow case in order to make the pillow case dress.  I really love the way it turned out and she loves it too.  She even asked me to make her another one (glad that I got some other pillow cases -shams- too).  I also picked up some sweet little napkins and hope the try to see if I can make a top out of them?  We'll see.  If the top turns out, I'm going to place one up here for a give-a-way, fun!  FYI, the gross grain ribbon in the dress was off of a package from a friend that was given to me (thanks Beccs) and the little "purse" is actually the bag in which the pillow shame was packaged! 

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The Emery's said...

This is beautiful! Good job!