Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camera Straps!

Tired of your ordinary camera strip splashed with a company name?  Well, dress your camera strap up!  Just slide this over your camera strap and voila, a beautiful, fully lined new strap to match your personality, mood or occasion! 
Here is what is going on, I am on a quest, that is right, a quest.  There is a new lens that I want for my camera and it is rather pricey.  My wonderful husband says that I have to raise twice the funds in order to get it.  I am not a profession photography, so it has been a very slow process.  I made a few of these for myself and thought that there might be others out there who would like one.  So, for just $12.50 each, I'll send you one.  Want more than one?  If you order 2 or more they are just $10 each!  All this includes shipping, yeah!  100% of all proceeds goes to my lens fund! ;)  ENJOY!
Is there a color or patter you would like, but do not see?  Let me know and I'd love see what I could do.


Elise said...

I would love two but how to I buy them? They are very cute!!!

Karie Lee said...


I'm working on a PayPal button, but for now, you can click on "View My Complete Profile" under my picture on the left side-bar, send me an email letting me know which ones you would like and then you can either mail me a check, or I can send you an invoice via Pay Pal.

Kate said...

I love these! I am looking for a lovely strap for my camera but need to know a couple of things...

1. Will you post to Australia?

2. How long are these?




Colette said...

Hi there

I am with Kate, would love maybe 2, but do you post to Johannesburg, South Africa?