Friday, August 14, 2009

POTD (Picture of the Day)

I have a beautiful friend who is having a Picture of the Day on her BLOG. There are no winners, it is just for people who love photography (or trying to love it again) to post a favorite picture of the day. Well, here are mine. I went into the bathroom and noticed the sink "glowing". I thought that, perhaps, one of the kids dropped one of our emergency flash lights in there. But, when I peeked my head over, I noticed, no such flash light. It was only then that I noticed the late afternoon light that was coming through the foyer window was peeking over the door and landing directly into the sink and the light was bouncing all over the porcelain and making it glow. It was so pretty. Anyway, all of the pictures are SOOC. I even took one of myself to show you how dark the room was, yet this sink was lit up, that is the type of person I aspire to be (by God's grace), reflecting His light into darkness.

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Catherine said...

You are definitely one of those people... reflecting God's light into darkness. Thanks for being such a great friend!