Friday, May 1, 2009

Shot of the week

I converted it to b/w after I stretched it, so don't have a b/w size for comparison,
 just the color. 

Thanks to Jodi at MCP Actions, I learned how to stretch my picture to fit it into the frame I wanted with out chopping off my little Sweet Pickle's legs/head.  We took this shot on Sunday and I just love it.  I just ordered the picture and hope that it won't look too much like I stretched when I see it in REAL life as opposed to digital life.  


Catherine said...

Karie your black and white conversion is perfect! I love this photo! You need to put this on a canvas. She is just so cute!

Amy said...

This is such a sweet shot! Love it:)

Jenny said...

that shot is awesome, she is adorable

kris... said...

This is a beautiful shot! You can't tell it was stretched at all. I need to try this technique. Thanks!

Lolli said...

I would love to see the original photo. I am so intrigued by the streched canvas thing. I have been meaning to try it out. You did a fabulous job!! The photo is perfect!